About Phiroze Sethna

Phiroze Sethna Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures and markets a wide range of products to Automobile manufacturers, aftermarket, ancillary industries and other manufacturing sectors. Major products are PVC sealants and underbody coatings, PVC dip coating, Non-drying sealants, Strippable coatings, Spray and Cavity waxes, Air drying underbody coatings etc. 


Phiroze Sethna's Product Range

1. Paint Shop Products
2. Body Shop Products
3. Engine & Trim Shop Products
1. Phirol Dip Coating Plastisol
2. Phirol Weather strip Sealer
3. Phirol Head Lamp Sealer
1. Phirol Thermal Mastic
2. Phirol Duct Sealer
1. Phirol Air Drying Sealer
2. Phirol Tough coat
3. Phirol Polyester Putty
1. Phirol Masking Compound
2. Phirol Strippable Coating
3. Phirol Fender Coat
4. Cavity Wax
5. Clear Wax
6. Chassis Wax
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Our Promise and Values

Our country's economy is rapidly developing and Phiroze Sethna Private Limited is moving forward with the times. Meeting the needs of our customers and providing solutions for their problems will be the challenge for the future.